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Программа школы BBELS «Сёрфинг и город» даёт возможность студентам насладиться другими местами Австралии и изучить английский язык в школах английского языка высокого качества.


Школы-партнёры в следующих городах:






Серфинг + город

Sydney English Language Company - City : Sea English - Manly
Brisbane Langports
Gold Coast Langports
Adelaide South Australian College of English
Perth Phoenix Academy
Hobart Tasmanian College of English

IALC - All of the schools above are members of the International Association of Language Centres - IALC.


You pay only one enrolment fee and you can book courses in up to three schools.


If you enrol in two schools for at least 8 weeks each, we will give you a free transfer between both cities of your studies.


Course 1 transfer Course 2
BBELS - 12 weeks free ELC - 12 weeks
BBELS - 8 weeks free Pheonix - 12 weeks
BBELS - 12 weeks   SEA English - 4 weeks
Langports - 12 weeks free BBELS - 12 weeks


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