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  • Faq 1 - Where is Byron Bay?

    Byron Bay is at the most Easterly point of Australia. It is situated 800km North from Sydney and 180km south of Brisbane. It is famous for its natural beauty, great surfing beaches and its friendly relaxed lifestyle. The climate is tropical. Summers are warm with cooling sea breezes, average temperature of 28 degrees celcius. Winters are mild with an average temperature of 20 degrees celcius.


    BBELS Blog - Up to Date info about BBELS life


  • Faq 2 - Can I have some general information about coming to Australia?

    The Australian government has published a fantastic guide for international students. It will help you greatly to prepare for your Australian educational adventure.


    Guide to Studying and Living in Australia



  • Faq 3 - How much does it cost to live in Byron Bay?

    Living costs in Byron Bay are lower than Australian major cities.


    Some example costs: * 1 Australian dollar = $1.04 USD - 0.78 Euro

    (January 2013)

    One night in a hostel= from $27

    Loaf of bread = $3.80

    1 litre of milk = $2.50 a coffee in a cafe = $3.20

    375ml glass of fine Australian beer VB = $5.00

    Newspaper = $1.40

    Postcard stamp to anywhere! = $1.10

    Movie ticket = $12.50

    1 hour at Internet Cafe = from $3

    Hamburger = $7




  • Faq 4 - Can I get a job Byron Bay?

    Many of our students with working rights (working holiday or student visa) find paid work in Byron Bay and towns close to Byron Bay. Most work is in hospitality and factories. The BBELS Work Club assist students to find jobs. It also helps working holiday makers to find work close to Byron Bay and also in other cities. Please see current information at our BBELS Blog site.

  • Faq 5 - How do I get to Byron Bay?

    Brisbane International Airport: Pick up - $240 per person (1hr, 45 minutes)


    We will meet you at the airport. One of our representatives will greet you at Brisbane International Airport and transfer you (168 km) to Byron Bay by car. This service is often the best choice after a long flight from your country. Please ask us for our airport pick up details if you are arriving in Brisbane.


    Byron Easy Bus has bus services from Brisbane International Airport to Byron Bay 4 - 5 times per day.


    Sydney International Airport: Students who fly to Sydney need connecting flights to:


     Option No 1:Ballina (Jetstar or Virginblue - Flight time:1 hour) ...Ballina Airport Pick-up: $88 per person (20 minutes)


    Option No 2:Gold Coast (Coolangatta) (Jetstar or Virginblue - Flight time:1 hr 10 min) ...Gold Coast Airport Pick-up: $110 per person (45 minutes)




  • Faq 6 - Self travel

    Step 1: Fly to Brisbane International Airport


    Step 2: Take a Easy Bus to your Byron Bay address - from $65 per person (120 minutes). We will meet you at the bus stop! Please e-mail for bus time tables and other connections.




  • Faq 7 - What activities can I do in Byron Bay?




    * Surfing * Mountain biking * Yoga and massage
    * Salsa Dancing * Sky diving * Make + Learn the didjerido
    * Cinema * Learn Golf * PADI + SSI Diving Course
    * Lay on the beach * Beach Horse-riding * Sea kayaking
    * Party hard * Learn guitar / harp / sax * Hang gliding

    Please see activity listings at

  • Faq 8 - What about the night life!

    There are 4 hotels, 5 night clubs, 20 restaurants, 40 cafes and eateries and 2 cinemas. There is live music 364 days of the week at the Railway Friendly Bar and street musicans perform most nights. Every weekend there are local markets in the area. There are regular festivals to enjoy. Australia's largest International Festival of Blues and Roots Music - Bluesfest - happens in beautiful Byron Bay at Easter every year. Other festivals; Buzz Short Film, Womens Festival


    For more information about Byron Bay events and festivals, please see:


    BBELS Blog


  • Faq 9 - What nationalities study at BBELS?

    Most students come from either Europe - Spain, Switzerland Germany, and Italy - or Asia (Japan, Taiwan and Korea) and South America. It is a goal of the management to create a friendly international environment.





  • Faq 10 - Is there a minimum enrolment period?

    Yes! We believe that to make progress with your English you will need a minimum of two weeks at the school.




  • Faq 11 - Does the school help students with visa and enrolment?

    Yes! Please email us any questions about your course, accommodation and visas. We are happy to help you. We can also call you by skype or telephone to counsel you about your course.




  • Faq 12 - How do I enrol ?

    Simply go to our On-line Enrolment form or fax or email us the registration form.We will return by email a confirmation of your enrolment with a list of all fees payable. If you are applying for a student visa, you must pay some or all of your fees first. We then issue you a eCOE (electronic Confirmation of Enrolment). Then apply for a visitors, working holiday visa or student visa at your nearest Australian Embassy. Once you receive your visa, tourist and working holiday makers must pay us your fees.


    PaytoStudy (pay into a local bank in your currency - best rates)


    or  bank transfer ($20 bank transfer fee applies)



    Then, fly to Brisbane, get a bus to Byron and we will meet you at the bus stop. OR we can meet you at Brisbane airport.



  • Faq 13 - Can you show me a sample timetable?


    9.00* - 10.30
    10.30 - 11.00
    11.00 - 12.30
    12.30- 13.30
    13.30 - 15.00


    * In busy Summer periods, classes may start at 8.30am, 9am, or 9.30am.


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