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Visa Requirement

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Students can take part in a variety of volunteer projects to make a positive impact and promote intercultural exchange. BBELS volunteer programs give our students the chance to meet local people, improve their English language skills and boost the status of their CV!

 Our volunteer programs include fields such as:

  • animal welfare
  • marine life protection
  • social work
  • environmental management 

In the Byron Shire you can choose to either assist with:

  • permaculture
  • caring for sick koalas
  • providing a sailing experience for people with disabilities
  • organising fundraisers
  • other events

Up north in Queensland you can be involved as a volunteer in marine biology to protect the Great Barrier Reef, whilst in Western Australia you get the possibility to volunteer at a dolphin centre.

Please e-mail sonia@bbels.com.au for more information on our volunteer projects.

There is a $200 fee for any volunteer placement. Additional fees may be payable as determined by the volunteer program.

IMPORTANT  – students must complete at least 4 weeks of part or full time General English at BBELS to qualify for a volunteer placement.  Students must have at least 4 weeks of Intermediate or higher level classes. 

My Story - Bryce from South Korea

We interviewed Bryce – one of our long term Korean students – about his experiences as a BBELS volunteer.

Please read his story here.