Our school motto – Learn to Live – has 2 meanings. Learn how to live and Learn in order to live. It is NOW that we need to embrace change and learn a new way to live. Massive changes are happening. Massive opportunities are also being created. Some say that a measure of intelligence is the ability to change. We need to carefully adapt to our new lives.

It’s been a difficult week for everyone. Thank you for your patience and understanding. A reflective weekend is necessary. We are all OK at BBELS. Some students have left us and arrived safely at home. Others are choosing to stay. Please enjoy a peaceful weekend.

A big thank you to BBELS staff and teachers. We’ve done well in a difficult week. Gratitude x 100!

Online Classes

This week – thank you to all the students that enjoyed our online classes through this week. We had up to 11 students in each of our intermediate, upper intermediate and our Cambridge classes. The elementary and pre-intermediate classes were more difficult – probably due to language levels. Attendance was lower and we understand.

Most students see the benefit of learning at a time when there is little more to do. There is a sense of community and adventure – for students and teachers – in our online classes. Today our teachers reported that they are very excited about next week. They now understand the online delivery. They are also ready to make the classes even more effective – and fun! So please join in.

Next week – we will continue classes for our intermediate, upper intermediate and our Cambridge students. If you are in pre intermediate or elementary and wish to continue your classes, please email us by Sunday evening.


There are signs that embassies are communicating with some students to help them return to their country. Please consider your situation very carefully and register with your local consulate/embassy.


Please email us to confirm your decision to defer your remaining weeks of study. We have received some emails already. They are enjoying the company of many other emails. We have yet to reply to most – so sorry. But we will!


If you need anything in your student house, please email us. Some students will move to student houses this weekend. It is most important that you do not allow any non-students or guests to stay in your house after 9pm.

Stay safe and well. Email or call if you need help.

Learn To Live!

Michael O’Grady – director@bbels.com.au