Just like the world, our BBELS school building is very quiet – like it has never been before. I am working mostly from school. Kat, Lel and Jay Dea are here too. We certainly miss our students and the positive energy that they bring to BBELS each day.

It’s good to know that many of you have a strong positive attitude for this crisis. This is very important. One friend said to me – “Happiness is immunity!” Most of us have fluctuating feelings – from light to dark. That is completely normal. One idea is to write about your feelings in a journal/blog. Putting your thoughts on to paper or a blog will help you to clear them.

Byron’s beautiful beaches are also helping us to exercise and move. We are so lucky to live here in these times.

Online Classes

We’re seeing positive feedback from our students who continue their online classes. Teachers also are seeing that the online classes can be very effective. I congratulate them on their creativity.  Students are reporting that they enjoy seeing their friends in the online classes. We need to adapt. Online is the only way we can be together.

Next week – we will continue classes for our 2 upper level General English and Cambridge students.

Pre intermediate or elementary students – if you wish to start classes again, please email us by Sunday evening. We are ready to open some smaller classes for the lower levels.

If you have finished your study at BBELS and wish to join the classes, please let us know by Sunday night.

Any of you friends who may be interested to join our classes are also welcome to enrol.



We will review our pricing for students who intend to stay longer. There are cheaper rental houses available. However the weekly rental fee usually does not include internet, electricity and a furnished house. Our houses are good quality. Please tell us if you intend to extend your stay. We will announce new prices on Tuesday.

Social Distancing

This is very important. If you do not know the rules, you will get fined. So please read and respect the rules. Australian people are doing very well. They also know that it may be difficult for you to understand the English. So please try. It’s very important. See – https://www.health.gov.au/

Have a wonderful weekend!

Michael O’Grady