Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) – the highest-level of qualification

With the Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE) qualification, you can show potential employers that you’ve mastered English to an exceptional level. It proves that you can study a PhD program, or work in management positions in any English-speaking country. CPE requests commonly come from Dutch, Swiss and more recently from Scandinavian countries. These students very much enjoy Byron Bay as a study destination.
BBELS CPE Boost combines our CAE exam preparation course with private CPE tuition:

First 6 weeks: CAE exam preparation course only (private CPE tuition optional)

Last 6 weeks: morning General English Advanced or CAE classes with afternoon CPE Exam Preparation classes – either private or group lessons

Class outcomes for CPE students, enrolling in CAE plus CPE Boost option –
Additional CPE fee of $720 per student (6 weeks @ $120 per week)

  1. If 1 student enrols, private lessons – priced at $60 per hour – 2 lessons per week
  2. If 2 students enrol, shared lessons – priced at $60 per hour – 4 lessons per week
  3. If 3 students enrol, shared lessons – priced at $60 per hour – 5 lessons per week
  4. If 4 students enrol, shared lessons – priced at $60 per hour – 5 lessons per week

CPE Boost lessons are additional to CAE class tuition – and focus on exam preparation.

CPE Boost is always 6 weeks – regardless of course length (9 weeks January, 12 weeks September)

CPE exams are held in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Noosa. Students will be assisted to plan their travel at their own cost. This includes bus transport and an overnight stay night before the exam to ensure a good rest . Accommodation and transport are not included and are paid individually by students.

CPE books may be purchased as requested. Most students are happy to use BBELS photocopied materials at no extra cost.

CPE boost fee is non-commissionable for agents.

If a student is deemed by our BBELS Cambridge coordinator to be unsuitable for CPE level, the CPE Boost fee ($720) will be refunded in full at BBELS. Partial refunds are also available.

Start dates: January or September only
CAE Start Dates 06.01.2020 – 9 weeks  *  07.09.2020  -12 weeks
CAE exam dates: 14.03.2020 (Saturday) * 02.12.2020
CPE exam dates: 07.03.2020 (Saturday) * 28.11.2020 (Saturday)
CPE exam fee: AUD$ 420