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We can help you find paid work in Byron Bay while you study! Please see our BBELS Blog for the latest job opportunities in Byron Bay and farm work. You will need a minimum intermediate level to join the BBELS job club.


There are work possibilities in the following areas:


- Cafes                          - Restaurants              - Labouring

- Pubs and bars             - Cleaning                   - IT

- Manufacturing            - Farms                       - Ski Resorts


BBELS Job Club will help you prepare for work either during your studies or after. Attend our workshops for current information about work opportunities in our area and around Australia. The workshops include assistance to get your:


 + Resume preparation   + Bank account            + Mobile phone

 + Application process    + Language for work    + Superannuation



There is a $200 fee for this service.


Pleass email us for enquiries about this program..


BBELS Work Club