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Special Programs



The BBELS Surf and City program gives students the opportunity to enjoy other locations around Australia to study English at quality English language schools.


We have partner schools in the following location:




Surf + City

Sydney English Language Company - City : Sea English - Manly
Brisbane Langports
Gold Coast Langports
Adelaide South Australian College of English
Perth Phoenix Academy
Hobart Tasmanian College of English

IALC - All of the schools above are members of the International Association of Language Centres - IALC.


You pay only one enrolment fee and you can book courses in up to three schools.


If you enrol in two schools for at least 8 weeks each, we will give you a free transfer between both cities of your studies.


Course 1 transfer Course 2
BBELS - 12 weeks free ELC - 12 weeks
BBELS - 8 weeks free Pheonix - 12 weeks
BBELS - 12 weeks   SEA English - 4 weeks
Langports - 12 weeks free BBELS - 12 weeks


Please email us for more information about these great study options.