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This program is perfect for long term student visa holders. It provides the possibility to take up to 2 months of break during their English studies. This break can be used for work and/or travel. The break is perfect for students to "Experience" English in the real world. After the break, students benefit from a strong motivation to "Refresh" and polish their English skills during the second study period.


Additionally student visa holders are able to work for up to 40 hours fortnightly (every 2 weeks) while they study. During the break between courses, there is no restriction to working hours.


Please see our  BBELS Study Work Refresh Info sheet


There are work possibilities in the following areas:



BBELS Job Club will help you get ready to work during the break period. Attend our workshops for current information about work opportunities in our area. The workshops include assistance to get your:





There is a $200 fee for this service.


Please email us for visa assistance and to design your study program.


Cafes Restaurants Labouring
Pubs and bars Cleaning IT
Manufacturing Farms Ski Resorts
Tax File Number Bank account Applications
Resume preparation Mobile phone Superannuation