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Homestay is accommodation with a local family. This is a great way to experience local "Aussie" hospitality and use your English in a day to day environment. Most families are located approximately 10 - 20 minutes bike ride from the school. Bus transport is also available. Internet is available in most homes.


Homestay accommodation includes:


 * single room with desk

 * 2 meals per day on week days

 * 3 meals per day on the weekends

 * use of laundry facilities


Minimum stay: 2 weeks


Homestay Placement fee: $240


Homestay: $295 per week


Premium Homestay: $325 per week - includes use of a private bathroom


Twin Homestay: $245 per week


Breakfast Only Homestay: $240 per week


Christmas Week Surcharge:  $60

21.12.19 - 28.12.19



Opportunity for Host Families

Becoming a host family is a great way to provide local "Aussie" hospitality to our international guests. If you are interested in our homestay program, please complete our online application email

We will reply to you within 2 working days to discuss your application.

Student Houses

We offer students the chance to live with other BBELS students in furnished apartments and houses in Byron Bay. All houses are within 10 minutes bike ride to the school with most located at a maximum of 10 minutes walk.


Students share the kitchen and laundry facilities. WiFi and bed linen are also provided free of charge.


BBELS Student Houses Information


BBELS 2019 Student House Fees


Placements fee - all rooms per person $240


Single room - $255 per week - April to August

Single room - $295 per week - Sept to March

Twin room - $210 per week

Twin room with ensuite - $220 per week

Double room - $420 per week

Double room with ensuite - $440 per week


Bond $300 - refundable after inspection of the room at checkout, subject to compliance with our student house guidelines and regulations.


Maintenance Fee $70


Deluxe Student House with private bathroom


Single Room - $350 per week | Double Room - $450 per week - Sept to March

Single Room - $300 per week | Double Room - $400 per week - April to August


BBELS student houses are for the quiet enjoyment of BBELS students. Nationalities are mostly mixed in each house. Twin rooms are single sex/gender. Students have responsibilities and rules to follow.



Important - students are requested to read, understand and sign our BBELS student house agreement.


If you wish to book this accommodation,

please email

"I really enjoyed living with my new friends from BBELS. Eating dinner together was always interesting - new flavours and cooking styles. We became close house mates - a great experience!" - Sandra - Germany

Private rooms / apartments are available but are subject to seasonal variations. Private rooms are in shared houses with local people. Students have use of kitchen / laundry facilities. There are many local people who are happy to rent a room to our students. It is a little like Homestay but you have to organise your own food. The school is located 2 minutes walk from the local supermarket.


Most apartments are an easy walking distance or bike ride from the school and town! Price always changes with proximity to town. Rental price is always higher if the room is close to town centre or beach.



Room price: from $200 - $350 per week

Placements fee $240


We Suggest!


We suggest that our students stay for 1 or 2 nights in the Bunkhouse hostel - located in the same building as the school. During this time we can help you to inspect some local rooms etc. Then you can choose the one you like - and the people with whom you wish to live!


BBELS School Hostel : $38 per night or $265 per week


There are 10 quality hostels in Byron Bay that offer shared room accommodation and kitchen facilities. Many are centrally located near the school and town and offer swimming pools and a fun international environment.


Private Rooms and Serviced Apartments are also available.


Students enrolling in the school can stay at the hostel of their choice. We recommend the BBELS school hostel located in the same building as the school.


Please email us if you require assistance with hostel accommodation.


Byron Bay Hostels prices: $28 - 45 per night or $200 - $300 per week and seasonal.


Placement fee: $70


Students can live and work on a WWOOFA farm. These are organic farms situated on the Northern Coast, not far from Byron Bay. Students receive free board in exchange for 4-6 hours of work per day. This option is available after a student has completed a minimum two-week course. A $80 WWOOFA joining fee applies. Please see for more information.


Placement fee: ... $240


Other farmstay available - $295 per week in non-WWOOFA farms - similar to homestay arrangements




You can choose the type of accommodation that will suit you best: